As a división of FOCUS PRODUCTIONS, efe Digital Cinema is dedicated towards creating action sports videos.
Efe Broadcasting Specializes in bringing you live action sports. Our team delivers live, on sight, high definition viewing on TV or streaming online.

Award Wining “ 2013 Wake surf video of the Year “ this Team is always promoting creativity and working together to make great films.Highlighting the action and raising the bar to change the dynamic of sports cinema.


Director / Part owner

Fernando Morales

Since 2001, Fernando has been directing action sports videos. He continues to capture the imagination and spirit of films and images. He is now focusing in on action sport videos. This has always been a passion for him.
Fernando directed the Keenan Flegel trilogy. (Keenan Flegel, 3 time Wake surfing World Champion) Which resulted in the Award Wining “ 2013 Wake surf video of the Year “
Fernando has filmed, directed, and produced numerous projects in the US and Worldwide.

Director of Photography

Walter Rodriguez

Has been working in the movie industry since 1992. He started in
Lima, Peru after years of learning Cinematography in France. Currently, he works with FOCUS PRODUCTION as a Director of Photography and Pro Camera Operator. While he shares and develops several projects for FOCUS PRODUCTION, he also works with other well known worldwide Films companies.

Broadcasting Director

Juan Carlos Feijoo

Directing live entertainment, emerging into digital media is a specialty of Juan Carlos. He creates and directs hundreds of hours of programming every year for several production companies around the world.

Production Director

Nicolas Rebaza

With a background in the television industry, Nicolas shares a passion for creating great ideas and transforming them into compelling visual stories.

Aerial Filming Consultant /Helicopter Pilot

Jeff Pereira

Based on several years of flying, Jeff has a vision to guide the crew to create cutting edge, interactive, exciting content. Having Jeff as part of our team is very important to provide the best digital aerial video footage possible.

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